Dear Fellow Guitarist,

Thanks for visiting The Mark Clemente Chord Melodies™ website! Some notes about the arrangements:

  • All were written to stay true to the songs’ melody. Complex chord reharmonizations are not used. In many cases, rootless chords are used to facilitate playing.
  • The chord melodies are for guitarists playing solo or who are called upon to take the melody lead when playing in a group. Moreover, since the arrangements are comprised mainly of 4- and 5-note voicings, the chordal patterns may often be used as accompaniment if only the lower or middle register notes are emphasized.
  • Beginning guitarists, who may find certain chords challenging to play at first, may always use just the top note—the melody note—in place of any given chord when playing solo.

It’s my hope that you’ll use these arrangements to advance your overall chord playing, while expanding your repertoire.

Learn. Practice. Explore. Above all, have fun making music and—whenever you can—share it with people who love to listen!

Play on,

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As featured in Just Jazz Guitar magazine