The Mark Clemente Chord Melodies™ for Guitar

Praise from players at all levels…

 “Mark, I enjoyed your arrangement of My Romance very much. I teach guitar and am always searching for chord melody pieces that are a bit challenging but ‘do-able’ by intermediate players. I will certainly order more in the future. Keep up the great work!”
-GB, Massachusetts

“There’s something very unique about your arrangements, Mark … any guitarist will get something out of each one … anyone will get new musical ideas.”
-JW, Brooklyn

 “I’m so happy with your arrangements! As a beginner, they are accessible even to me and are excellent studies of chord movement. Can’t thank you enough for these excellent arrangements!”
-DL, Kentucky

“Lots of guitarists who do weddings would benefit from your arrangements. I’ve learned
Fly Me To The Moon, and I’ll be playing it at my next gig. Keep arranging, Mark. We need you.”

“Mark, I played your arrangement of  The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting) at our fingerstyle guitar club, and it went very well! I like your arrangements … I can adapt them easily to playing with a thumb pick. Also, I’m learning so much about chord selection and substitutions!”
-MY, Toronto

"I had never heard of you until I read your interview in Just Jazz Guitar magazine. Where have you been all my life?"
-EK, Quebec (professional guitarist)

"Just played your chord melody solo that appeared in JJG magazine … what a treasure to find out about your arrangements."
-TA, Georgia

"Your chord melody arrangements are wonderful! The harmony [in them] is not too dense … they have a good balance of chords and single notes. I look forward to purchasing more and to seeing you play them on YouTube."
-MM, Ontario

"I purchased a number of your tunes and wanted to thank you for jump-starting my foray into chord melody. Thanks, Mark, for inspiring me!"
-RM, Virginia